​Shonkventures: See Client List

Epic Games: Fortnite, Battle Breakers

id Software: Doom, Rage, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Doom 3: BFG 

Megatouch Games (Shipped titles only): 11 Ball, 11 Up, Battle 11 Ball, Battle Card Bandits, Battle Hoop Jones, Battle Lucky 11's, Boxxi, Boxxi Blitz, Card Bandits, Penthouse Panty Bandits, Discovery, FInal Table Holdem, Funkier Monkey, Great Solitaire, Zombie Cats, Hoop Jones, Little Shop of Treasures (Port), Lucky 11's, Luxor 3 (Port), Luxor 3 Blast, Monkey Bash, Mystery Phraze, Photo Hunt, Penthouse Photo Hunt, Power Solitaire, Space Farmer, Super Boxxi, Tug of Words, Tri Towers, Trivia Whiz, Trivia Whiz Head to Head, Trivia Whiz Jr, Trix, Final Table Hold'em, Dino Whiz, Monster Madness 2, Wordy Birds, Play 4 Crossword, Rock Mahjong, Jackpot Corner, Text Twist Lightning (Port), Touchdown Poker, Stunt Squirrel, Philly's Hottest Photo Hunt, Megatouch Memory, Brain in Gear, Triple Crown Boxing, Little Shop Road Trip (Port), Zombie Cats, Flick n Kick Football, Word Dojo 2, Mystery Phraze, Penthouse Super Boxxi, Penthouse Panty Bandits,  Photo Hunt HD, Monster Madness HD

January 2009 - June 2011

Epic Games


  • Worked on Fortnite, as the producer for several multi discipline strike teams
  • Responsibilities included; working with outsourcing, maintaining schedules, short and long term planning, bug database management, cross team communication
  • Worked as Lead Producer for a prototype team, working across disciplines and projects

July 2008 - May 2010


Chair of IGDA Philadelphia, Board of Directors IGDA Dallas & Triangle IGDA
Speaker at:GDCs, GameX, Wizard World, GCECS, PAX East, Orlando iX, IGDA Meetings, Universities
Coordinator: Philly Game Dev, GameDevDrinkUp Dallas & Raleigh, VGI Philadelphia, GIGs
Game Developer Conference Associate
Eight years of concert/show production and sound engineering experience
Rugby player

id Software

Technical Producer

  • Worked on Doom, as the producer for the AI, character and narrative teams
  • Responsible for 20+ programmers, designers, animators, writers, actors and audio engineers
  • Managed and negotiated contracts with actors, agents and outsourcers
  • Maintained the bug database, and tasked QA for the entire project
  • Reworked and instituted a new development process for the Doom project
  • Worked to finish and polish Rage MP, including the CERT process for PS3 and Xbox 360

June 2008

Shipped Titles Worked On

March 2014 - September 2016

January 2017 - January 2020

Grant Shonkwiler

Producer, Designer, Programmer



My Resume

Megatouch Games (AMI Entertainment Networks)     

Lead Designer

  • Shipped 50+ casual touchscreen games
  • Wrote and maintained game design specifications
  • Worked closely with artists, programmers, and designers to create the look and feel of the games
  • Level design and level scripting
  • Proctored One-ways/Betas/Focus Tests
  • Designed over 400 achievements and the achievements system

June 2011 - March 2014

Additional Info

Downloadable Versions: pdf, gdoc

Game Developers Foundation

Executive Director 

  • Helping lead the next generation of game developers to their dreams, through scholarships and educational programs, focused on elementary - high school.

September 2016 - Present

Megatouch Games (AMI Entertainment Networks)     

Game Programmer

  • Architected and coded everything in the games from states and class structure to gameplay and scoring
  • Worked closely with artists to improve effects and polish within the games

Full Sail University

Bachelor of Science: Game Design and Development    


Commander & Shonk

  • Production Consulting and Contract work, helping teams in whatever way I can to ship their game. 

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Xbox 360, PS3, iOS, PS4, XboxOne

Software: Office, Project, Google tools, AlienBrain, SVN, P4, Hansoft, Confluence, JIRA,  UE4, Unity

Programming Languages: C++, UML, XML, C, C#, Java

Experiences: Interface Design, Writing/Documentation, Gameplay and Systems Design, 2D Level Design, Proctoring playtests, Sound Production, Project Management, CERT, Managing Bug Databases