Fortnite is the main project I worked on at Epic Games, I worked as a producer on every strike team at some point of the project. Doing everything that was needed to ship the project. 


Mega Link Triple Crown Boxing

Nerdy Birds was one of the last games I was lead designer on at Megatouch. I came up with the initial design and helped guide development.  It shipped on the Megatouch machines as well as on iDevices.

Megatouch 2009


Tanks in space was the first "real" game I ever made. I had done modding and made a few lesser games but this was the first one I really coded and was proud of. Made over a few weeks at FS. You move the tank around and shoot the gray aliens and the Big Green airplane. To get health you shoot the truck. And the Airplanes are your friends.


I worked on the Multiplayer parts of Rage, including the coop and PvP sections during 2011. I worked as a Technical Producer doing whatever was needed to finish the MP component that we made in about 6 months: including: design work, documentation, communicating between MP/SP/QA, managing the programmers and maintaining the bug database.  

Below are just a few of the over 50+ games I've shipped in my career (a full list is on my resume page). I've arranged them in the order I worked on them, with my latest projects at the top. 

Megatouch 2012

Nerdy Birds

Megatouch 2011

I'm currently trying to find content for Megatouch 2012-2009 sections. Megatouch was shutdown in May 2015 and deleted most of their assets from the internet.


Tanks in Space (First Solo School Project)

Monster Madness HD 


I was project lead on my final project titled Smashout.  This was my first fully 3d game. During the project I did all of the scheduling, worked on the documentation and coded the sounds, the profiles and the effects system in the game. This game was extremely fun to work on. Some of the things that we were extremely proud of while making this game were: how modular we made our code; how data driven we made the game; and how much we focused on gameplay and polish. We kept a blog during the development and had over a hundred testers during production. 

Shipped Projects

Smashout (School Project)


I worked as lead designer of this update to a classic game. It shipped on the Megatouch machines as well as on iDevices.


Grant Shonkwiler

Producer, Designer, Programmer

This was my first group project, 5 people and 2 months to make a game. As project officer my duties were both producer and coder. I coded; mini-games, AI, an animation engine and a sound tool. The story is you are a programmer who has not slept in days and because of this you are starting to see things in normal day life as classic video games. So of course you have to kill everything.

Megatouch 2010

Triple Crown Boxing was my first professionally shipped title. I helped clean up and polish the multiplayer version. I specifically worked on: making sure the clients were synced up at all times; player feedback; feature and gameplay updates for the megalink version; and tons and tons of bug fixes in both mine and other programmers code.

I worked as a producer on DOOM single player and multiplayer from 2011-2014. I helped reboot the project and the process behind that project. I worked with many of the teams including the following: core tech, AI, narrative, MP, art, weapons team, QA. I mostly focused on production work but also did a bit of design.